May 25, 2024

So we will be heading up to Chicago for the VCF Midwest 18 show. We had a great time last year at the show, and we will be back again with tables of our wares!

This year we will have a ton of our own creations. If you don’t know much about us we love retro systems and we love 3D printing and electronics. So we have various 3D designs we have made that fit into the retro space in various ways. We think you will like some of the cool new products we have this year.

We also will have various retro systems for sale. We have Commodore 128’s, 64’s, 1541 and 1571 drives. On the Atari side we have Atari 800’s, 1200XL, 1050 drives. We have TI-99/4A systems, Coleco Adam, Tandy Color Computers, and more. We can’t bring it all, but if there is something above you are interested in (or anything retro computing wise as we have a bunch of stuff), drop us an email. We are going to try to bring a bunch of stuff, but we are space limited to what we can carry in our vehicle!

So stop by our booth and say high. We are very excited about the new products we have, and we try to have stuff for all budgets. So even if you are buying that $700 Jaguar console from someone, or spending lots of money at the auction, we will have some things you can still afford. All our 3D printed designs are done in house and everything we print we created ourselves!

See you at the show!

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