June 22, 2024

Texas Instruments TI-99/4a Atari Joystick Adapter

This adapter allows you to use one or two Atari style joysticks on your TI-99/4a. Normally the TI requires a special pair of joysticks that connect to the single port on the side of the TI. You can’t use a single Atari joystick directly on the TI without an adapter like ours. The TI joysticks aren’t the best, and by now many are failing with no options for replacements.

Our adapter allows you to not only use the more abundant Atari style joysticks, but you can have two of them connected for two player games!

The case has a sleek design that follows the curvature of the TI-99/4a case.

Size with case 4 1/8″ wide x 2″ tall x 8/10″ thick (105.5mm wide x 50mm tall x 21mm thick)

No joysticks are included. You can use the common Atari 2600 style 9 pin joysticks. These are commonly used on all Atari computers, Commodore computers, etc.

Also of note. If the Alpha lock key is depressed the Joystick up direction will not register. You must make sure the Alpha lock key is in the up or unlocked position. This is a design decision TI made. If you wish to modify your TI to get rid of this conflict, feel free to message us and we can link you to how to modify your TI to fix this design issue. Although it is easier to just make sure the alpha lock key is not in the lock position.

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