June 22, 2024

Tandy Color Computer 1/2/3, Tandy 1000, Dragon 32/64 Atari Joystick adapter

So if you have a Tandy system or a Dragon 32/64 system you are probably use to the default joysticks that come with them. They are great when they work, but they are hard to come by and aren’t compatible with any other systems.

So we designed a board to allow you to connect an Atari compatible joystick to your Tandy or Dragon system.

The adapter converts your digital Atari compatible joystick to an analog signal. This works great for most games. If however you have a game that requires precision X and Y movement (like say a breakout game) you will still want to use a full analog joystick. However for most games that only look for the joystick to be in the center, up, down, left, or right (or diagonal combinations) our adapter will work great.

The joystick also supports a second fire button on pin 9 of the joystick if your joystick supports it, along with the game you are playing.

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