July 15, 2024

Retro Coasters

Retro coasters with your favorite retro computer logo and computer games from the 70’s – 90’s . Great way to show off your love of your favorite retro computers and games! These are also great gifts for anyone that loves retro computers and games. Currently have 37 variations with more to come!

Each coaster set includes 4 coasters, your choice from the one’s listed below and a coaster holder specifically made to hold the 4 coasters perfectly. Each coaster and holder has a cork on the bottom to help with sliding on your tabletops and furniture. We also spray each coaster with a UV clear gloss acrylic coating to help aid with the removal of any light stains.

Size of Coaster
Inside area 3 3/4″ (97mm)
Coaster with brim 4″ (103mm)

Quantity discounts are available when buying more than one set!

Current list of available coasters
1. Pacman
2. Centipede
3. Donkey Kong
4. Frogger
5. Defender
6. Space Invaders
7. Have you played Atari today?
8. Atari
9. Jauguar
10. Tandy
11. Radio Shack TRS-80
12. Texas Instruments
13. Are you keeping up with the Commodore?
14. Commodore
15. Amiga
16. Happy Mac icon
17. Apple “Think Different”
18. Linux
19. Z-80 chip
20. Mos 6502 chip
21. Motorolla 6509 chip
22. Atari Lynx
23. Ghostbusters
24. Sierra
25. Missile Command
26. Crystal Castles
27. Dig Dug
28. Asteroids
29. Q-bert
30. Lode Runner
31. Archon
32. Ultima IV
33. Bruce Lee
34. Legend of Zelda
35. Pitfall
36. Wolfenstein
37. Zaxxon

Our retro coasters are printed in PLA plastic plastic. Avoid placing hot mugs that have a totally flat bottom on the coaster. Mugs with a concave bottoms should be fine. Styrofoam or paper cups like Starbucks should be fine. Generally for hot mugs you want a mug that minimizes the surface contact. Most mugs do this to protect table surfaces. etc.

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