May 25, 2024

Diana and I had a blast at VCF East. Met and talked to a lot of cool people! We had a couple tables with our wares and weren’t sure what to expect. But we were amazed at the interest some of our products got from people. We weren’t sure what to take and how much of each item to take. We will be taking what we learned from the show and applying it to others and VCF East next year.

Big thanks to everyone at VCF East and those who volunteered. Was a great show and everything ran so smoothly.

We didn’t take many pictures, and I should have looked around more, but the booth kept us pretty busy.

Here is a picture of the booth.

The LED display was a hit. We weren’t sure how popular it would be and we didn’t bring as many as we should have. We are making more now. Here is a sample picture closeup of the display.

I see a ladybug

We are looking forward to the next VCF Midwest in Chicago in September and in the meantime we plan on going to a couple local shows.

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