Tech Dungeon LED Firmware Installer

Select the version you want to install. Most recent is at the top

NOTE: Make sure to close anything using your devices com port (e.g. Serial monitor)

If you don't see the COM port for the display, you may need to install the CH340 chipset drivers. For Windows users you can go here to download it. Download and install the CH341SER.EXE file and install the drivers. You may have to reboot Windows if instructed to do so. After that you should see the COM port with the CH340 device listed and you can update the firmware on your board!

The Dimmer brightness version is for those who have the original LED panel we sold at VCF East 2023 or early online. It doesn't have the smoky acrylic. Newer firmware might be too bright for those users. So the dimmer version may be more suitable. Contact me if you want something dimmer or in between. Users with the acrylic version can use it too if they want a dimmer version. You can always test and flash back to the normal brightness if you like.